What To Expect At Your Skincare Consultation

Coeur d’Alene’s boutique med spa, Lakeside Med Spa, offers more than just beauty services. They offer a personalized experience for each and every client. It’s simply how the owners, Rachel and Ryan, do business.  They truly care about each person’s experience at their spa.  They take into account each individual’s skin type and skincare goals.  The best way to achieve these goals is through a custom skincare consultation.

New Year, New You! – All About IV Nutrition Therapy

IV Nutrition Therapy

It’s almost the new year!  People are planning for holiday parties, but what they’re probably not planning for is the exhaustion that comes along with it! Amidst the busy holiday season, who doesn’t want an immediate boost that helps them to feel energized and focused? Delivering key nutrients directly into your bloodstream under professional supervision is a great way to make this happen. IV Nutrition Therapy used to be a treatment only available to celebrities in New York and LA, but thanks to its effectiveness and broad appeal, it is now available in almost every state. Plan ahead now for your IV Infusion. It’s a new year – time to feel like a new you!

Meet The Owners of Lakeside Med Spa

Lakeside Med Spa in downtown CdA has quickly gained a reputation for being Coeur d’Alene’s premiere boutique med spa.  It’s chic ambiance and friendly staff creates a spa-like experience while offering specialized care for each patient.  So much so, that people come from all over the Pacific Northwest for treatments at Lakeside Med Spa – not only for the quality of the services, but for the people behind them.