Lipo Shots: Support Your Body with B12

We don’t make it a practice to blindly promote weight loss or dangerous shortcuts. We are still unwaveringly committed to helping you look and feel your best, and that may include giving your metabolism and detoxification systems a little support. We live in an era of confusing and dissonant emphasis on both body acceptance AND the perfect physique, all while we see formerly body-positive stars dropping weight like it’s 2004 and they’re obeying Snoop Dog. There are a lot of mystery, magical weight loss shots around these days. The Lipo Shot stands apart. 

What is a Lipo Shot?

The Lipo Shot is the common name for Lipotropic Shot, an intramuscular injection. Instead of overstimulating, manipulating, and possibly damaging your body in order to achieve short-lived and dangerous weight loss, Lipo Shots contain compounds that blast fat (Methionine, Inositol, and Choline), along with potent levels of B12 to strengthen your metabolism, support the liver, and help the body to detox excess hormones.

What is B12 and Why is it so Important?

Before we move on to answer all of your burning questions about Lipo Shots, it is important to take a brief detour to discuss B12, as it is a vital part of the success of these shots.

B12, known as cobalamin, is one of 8 essential B Vitamins and is responsible for supporting the following vital bodily functions: 

  • healthy metabolism
  • brain function
  • DNA synthesis
  • red blood cell generation
  • protein and fat metabolism

We’re all familiar with B12 deficiency when it manifests as anemia. We hear the term regularly and only think about it when we’re about to give blood, but B12 deficiency is no joke. Inadequate B12 stores can cause major issues, such as fatigue, weakness, constipation, and nervous system damage leading to confusion, depression and even dementia. Thus, these B12-rich Lipo Shots are a beautiful way to support overall wellness, whether that includes weight loss or not. 

What are the Benefits of Lipo Shots?

The fat blasting compounds and high levels of B12 provide three main benefits:

  1. More Energy: The B Vitamins and minerals rectify common deficiencies that leave many of us fatigued and keep us from effective and healthful movement. 
  2. Detoxed Liver: Choline detoxes the liver naturally, helping it to rid the body of waste and efficiently transport fat throughout the body.
  3. Weight Loss: By supporting your body and its natural detoxification systems, Lipo Shots can safely and naturally further your weight loss goals.

The three listed above are the main benefits, but definitely not the only benefits. Because The Lip Shot supports overall wellness, the tangential benefits are numerous and include improved sleep, digestion, immunity, nervous system, and mental clarity, skin/hair/nails, and hormone health.

Do Lipo Shots Really Work?

The short answer is YESYESYES. The more accurate answer is yes, but not on their own. When combined with regular movement and healthy eating, lipotropic shots promote weight loss. They do this by boosting the metabolism and reducing the amount of fat and cholesterol the body stores.

How Much Weight Can I Expect to Lose?

Each person responds differently, as each of us has a unique body, genetic makeup, metabolism, heritage, and lifestyle. However, recipients have reported losing to 2-4 pounds per week.

How Many Lipo Shots Do I Need to See Results?

This also differs. The amount and frequency of shots will depend on your goals and level of deficiency. Many need to receive one shot weekly for several weeks or months, as the Lipo Shot’s boosting effects last about a week. Some receive two-three shots weekly. We’ll assess your goals and help to develop a custom schedule that will help you to meet them.


In an effort to continually help you to look and feel your best, we offer Lipo Shots as a safe, natural way to boost your metabolism and overall wellness. Contact us today to set up a free consultation to see if Lipo Shots could help you reach your goals!

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