10 Ways to Detoxify your Skin

In a world of filters and fillers, we have plenty of “quick fixes” at our fingertips to help us put our best faces forward. While we love a good injectable, nothing can replace holistic skincare and detoxification through good, old-fashioned healthy living. We’ve compiled our 10 favorite ways to detoxify your skin. By incorporating these tips into your healthy lifestyle, you’ll find yourself glowing and getting even better results from your injectables!

1. Hydrate: It is so simple, but it cannot be said enough. Drinking sufficient water daily is imperative to keep your body functioning. Needless to say, staying hydrated empowers your body

to detoxify your skin and keep it clear and glowing! You can add lemon for taste and to amp up the detoxification power! Some experts recommend 91-100 ounces daily, while some take a more customized approach and recommend that you drink half your weight in ounces. Either way, drink up!

2. Diet: We all know that a balanced diet supports skin detoxification. Sufficient fiber, healthy fats, and alkaline mineral-rich foods such as bananas, pears,

watermelon, broccoli, and kale will keep you glowing and support natural detoxification. Ho

wever, there may be “healthy” foods that are stifling your glow! If you’re struggling with skin problems, you may have an intolerance to an otherwise healthy item you’re consuming. Pay attention to your skin as it relates to your diet. It will tell you what it likes and doesn’t like!


3. Sleep: It is easier said than done, butwe should all aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Your body does critical work while you’re sleeping. Studies show that inadequate sleep can throw off circadian rhythm and harm vital detoxification pathways to the liver. Over time, this will affect your skin and health generally. Let’s all keep in mind that REST IS SO PRODUCTIVE.


4. Find the right cleanser for your skin: your skin repairs and detoxifies while you sleep. Be sure to cleanse in the morning to remove impurities that come to the surface overnight. Also, be sure to cleanse at night to wash away makeup and impurities from the day. Rachel recommends the Lilfox Amazon After Dark to remove makeup nightly.


5. Tone after cleansing:Cleansing is not enough on its own! Toning with an alcohol-free toner balances the skin’s pH and ensures that impurities brought to the surface during cleansing are wiped away.

6. Sweat: Perspiration will flush out toxins, and regular movement helps to support both stress management and lymphatic drainage. Be sure to cleanse immediately after getting your sweat on!


7. Hot and Cold Showers: We don’t all need to go full “Wim Hoff” and take a cold plunge to yield the benefits. Before you get out of the shower, turn the water from hot to cold. Even if you do it for a few seconds, this will stimulate your lymphatic system to support detoxification and will help push toxins out through your pores.


8. Moisturize: Choose the right products for your skin! Rachel recommends using the Lilfox Acid Glow about 5 minutes before showering. This multi-acid formula takes just 5 minutes to smooth and hydrate your skin. 

9. Dermasweep facial: A favorite here at Lakeside MedSpa, it gently lifts the top layer of skin, increases microcirculation, and delivers the perfect, customized formulation for your specific skin goals. This facial supports gentle skin detoxification and leaves you radiant



10. Glutathione IVs: Taking glutathione intravenously empowers the body’s overall detoxification process. Youcan also try an IV with a high dose of vitamin C!

Again, we’re ALL FOR the fun stuff, like Botox, fillers, and a good laser, but nothing can replace good, old fashioned healthy care for your skin, mind, and body! We hope our 10 favorite waysto detoxify your skin are helpful to you, and we’d love to talk more to help you find your perfect skincare and wellness routine. Contact us to set up a free consultation!



xoxo Rachel and Ryan