Dynamic Wrinkles vs. Static Wrinkles

Wrinkles used to be considered an inevitability, just like death and taxes. That is no longer the case. We, at Lakeside Medspa, have the tools and skills to return control to you. Let’s dive in by explaining wrinkles and their remedies. 

There are two types of wrinkles–Dynamic Wrinkles and Static Wrinkles. Below, we break down the differences and how to address both. 


Dynamic wrinkles are visible only when you contract your facial muscles to express emotion. For example, you may notice forehead wrinkles when you raise your eyebrows in surprise, but those wrinkles disappear when you relax your face. 

The following are examples of dynamic wrinkles: 

  • Frown Lines (also referred to as “elevens”)
  • Smile Lines
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Forehead Wrinkles
  • Lip Lines


Static wrinkles are visible even when facial muscles are at rest and are primarily caused by gradual loss of collagen and volume as we age. Genetics, habits such as smoking, and poor nutrition also contribute to static wrinkles. 

The following are examples of static wrinkles:

  • Neck Bands
  • Marionette Lines
  • Lateral Cheek Lines
  • Tear Trough Lines


Dynamic Wrinkles are caused by muscle contraction. Thus, we treat them by temporarily paralyzing muscles in the face using neuromodulators like Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin.


Unfortunately, static wrinkles are more difficult to treat than dynamic wrinkles, as they are deeper and have formed slowly over time. At Lakeside Medspa, we recommend one of three treatment options for static wrinkles. 

  1. Dermal Filler: Dermal Fillers (such as Juvederm) are injected to replace lost volume and fill in static wrinkles. They provide immediate results and youthful plumpness in all of the right places. 
  2. Sculptra: Sculptra, like Dermal Fillers, is injected with the intention of replacing lost volume to fill in and smooth out static wrinkles. Unlike Dermal Fillers, Sculptra takes time and stimulates your body to produce its own collagen. 
  3. PDO Threads: Polydioxanone Threads, when inserted parallel to the skin, dissolve and stimulate collagen production to remedy static wrinkles for good.


We are fortunate to live in an era when wrinkles are no longer inevitable. Through simple, low-risk procedures with minimal downtime, we can remedy both dynamic and static wrinkles. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and discuss which remedy is best for you!

xoxo Rachel and Ryan

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