Laser Hair Reduction vs. Waxing

The average person devotes an exorbitant amount of time and money managing unwanted hair. Those who shave spend about $10,000 and 2 months shaving over their lifetimes. Those who opt to wax will spend over $23,000 throughout their lives to remain fuzz-free. Laser hair reduction offers a cost-effective, long-term solution to dealing with unwanted hair. 

Here at Lakeside Medspa, we aim to support you in looking your best, feeling your best, and doing so without spending your life scheduling and running between appointments. To that end, we’ve laid out the pros and cons of both waxing and laser hair reduction and concluded that, while both treatments have upsides, laser hair reduction is superior. 

Pros & Cons of Waxing

Let’s begin by looking at both the pros and the cons of waxing to remove unwanted hair.


Accessibility: Waxing is more common than laser hair reduction, perhaps because it is the most accessible way to combat unwanted hair (next to good old fashioned shaving, of course). While it is best performed by a professional, it can be done at home. 

Cost: If you do opt for a professional wax, a single waxing session is less costly than a single session of laser hair reduction. 

Who is a Candidate? Waxing is an effective hair removal for all types of hair and skin. Waxing is an option for those who are not candidates for laser hair reduction. 


Pain: If you’ve waxed, you know that it is no picnic. Waxing any part of the body is painful, but it is especially so in sensitive areas such as the bikini line and underarms.

Inconvenience: Waxing, while requires that you make and keep regular appointments for the rest of your life, as hair continually grows back. Most waxing clients must come back every few weeks. Additionally, you must suffer the inconvenience of stubble between appointments, as regrowth is required to be able to wax effectively. 
Ingrown Hairs and Damage: Beyond pain, in solving the problem of unwanted hair, waxing can cause more problems. Waxing commonly causes ingrown hairs and can damage the skin of those with sensitive skin.

Pros & Cons of Laser Hair Reduction

Now that we’ve thoroughly assessed waxing as a means of removing unwanted hair, let’s assess the pros and cons of laser hair reduction.


Long-Term Results: The longevity of laser hair reduction results varies from person-to-person. Some last several months, some last several years, and for many the results are permanent. 

Time-Effective: Each laser hair reduction session lasts only minutes! This is true even if you are treating a large part of the body, such as legs. 

Safe: As long as it is performed by a licensed and certified technician, like the staff at Lakeside Medspa, laser hair reduction is safe even for sensitive skin. 

Pain-Free: Clients report that laser hair reduction is relatively painless! It has been described as the feeling of a rubber band being snapped on the skin. 


Skin/Hair Type: While anyone can utilize laser hair reduction, it is most effective on individuals with light skin and dark hair. Those with light hair and dark skin should book a consultation to determine if laser hair reduction may nevertheless work for you!

Cost: A single session of laser hair reduction does cost more than a single waxing session. However, when you assess the long-term costs, laser hair reduction costs less over time. 

Results Take Time: Unfortunately, you will not see immediate results from laser hair reduction. While you will walk away from a single waxing appointment with smooth, hairless skin, it takes several sessions to see hair stop growing in with laser hair reduction

Why Laser Hair Reduction is Superior

Cost: Although a single session of waxing is less expensive than a single laser hair reduction session, over a lifetime, regular waxing ends up costing far more. 

Convenience: While waxing requires an at least monthly commitment for the rest of your life, the results from laser hair reduction last months or years and are even permanent in many cases! Imagine living fuzz-free and not planning your pool days around waxing appointments! Further, laser hair reduction appointments last minutes, while waxing appointments last anywhere from 45 minutes to over an hour. 

Pain-Free: Laser hair reduction is merely uncomfortable when compared to the pain of waxing. Clients report greater pain from long waxing sessions and the merely annoying sensation of a rubber band being snapped on the skin. Further, the minor discomfort from laser hair reduction lasts only minutes.


After reviewing the pros and cons of both waxing and laser hair reduction, we have concluded that laser hair reduction is the superior means of combating unwanted hair. We would love to help you use laser hair reduction to look your best, feel your best, and make the most of your time, money, and energy. 

Contact us to schedule your free consultation to determine if laser hair reduction is right for you. 

xoxo Rachel and Ryan

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