If we’re being honest, most of us would prefer to look younger than we do.  Sometimes we even look older than our actual age due to genetics, health conditions, smoking, or sun damage.  No matter the reason for wanting to look younger, Lakeside Med Spa takes pride in helping every patient look and feel their best.

With several anti-aging and wellness treatments available at Lakeside Med Spa, one of the most popular is PDO Threading.  Many patients enjoy the restorative effects of this time-tested, non-surgical treatment.

Although PDO Threads are relatively new to the world of aesthetics, they have been used for decades in various medical applications like suturing incisions after medical procedures.  These Polydioxanone (PDO) Threads are made with absorbable polymers of varying types. There are four basic types of threads used.  

  1. Barbed – often used in the cheek/jaw, neck and even eyebrows provide a lift 
  2. Corkscrew – used to provide structure arounds lips, as well as volume in places like the cheek
  3. Smooth – used can be used anywhere especially throughout neck, under eye to soften fine lines and build volume 
  4. Multi – multiple strands that create structure and dissolve over time

PDO Threads work by being inserted into the given facial area, parallel to the surface, and are then pulled upward to lift the sagging skin.  It provides natural-looking, visual effects similar to a facelift but without the surgery. There’s no need for an incision since only the threaded needle is inserted into the skin, lifting and providing structure to various areas of the face. PDO Threads can be used in the following areas:

  • Eyebrows
  • Corners of the eyes
  • Neck
  • Under the eyes
  • Cheeks
  • Jawline
  • Mouth

PDO Threads instantly lift and tighten the skin, while also promoting collagen production to renew your skin at the cellular level.  This allows for an improved look over time.

During the procedure, the area will be prepped with aseptic and local anesthesia to minimize discomfort during the threading process.  Afterwards, you may experience bruising, swelling and discomfort in the affected area.  However you should be able to resume full activity in approximately one week, even though results are seen immediately.

The results of PDO Threading can last up to 18 months, at which point a minor maintenance treatment may be required to maintain the results.

For best results from your PDO Threading, avoid doing the following for at least one week prior to your procedure:

  • Taking blood thinners
  • Taking NSAIDS
  • Drinking Alcohol
  • Smoking

This FDA approved procedure is very safe and effective.  To restore the smooth and youthful beauty of your skin without going through a surgical facelift, contact Lakeside Med Spa, Coeur d’Alene’s best-known boutique med spa. We can guide you through a treatment option that’s right for you.

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