Cold Weather Skin Care: Tips For Healthy Winter Skin

Cold weather skin care requires preparation because if you don’t plan ahead, you’ll suddenly wake up with dry, chapped skin. Once that happens, it’s much harder, though not impossible, to reverse the damage and restore hydration to your skin. To plan ahead, schedule in-office treatments that will improve your complexion, and choose the right products to hydrate your skin. Then you’ll be able to maintain a healthy glow throughout these cold winter months.

A combination of the right treatments, the right products, and a commitment to a morning and evening skincare routine will go a long way in helping you maintain beautiful, healthy, glowing skin year-round. However, it’s important that you plan ahead for those winter months when your skin needs extra care.

The cold weather, the dry heat, and all of those holiday gatherings that can often lead to overindulging in foods that don’t support skin health can take a toll on your complexion. However, scheduling the right treatments, investing in the right products, and committing to a morning and evening skincare routine will help protect your skin during the cold winter months and maintain a glowing complexion.

Schedule In-Office Skin Care Treatments

One of the benefits of in-office skincare treatments is that it allows you to have your skin treated by a professional who can use different anti-aging techniques to accomplish what your at-home skincare routine cannot. Microneedling is one of the most effective, minimally invasive, and natural skin care treatments that can transform your skin and protect it during the winter months.

Since it’s important that you avoid excess sun exposure post-treatment, scheduling microneedling sessions during the winter is the perfect opportunity to improve your skin and combat those stubborn skin imperfections. The treatment will help restore facial volume by increasing collagen and elastin production, combating lines and wrinkles, and even reversing sun damage.

The Benefits of In-Office Exfoliation

Additionally, adding a chemical peel to your monthly facial can provide your skin with the exfoliation it needs. The winter months often spent indoors can lead to constant exposure to dry heat. Your skin may experience more buildup during these months or look dryer and flakier. A regular chemical peel can help remove buildup and dead skin cells from the top layer, balance your skin’s pH levels and help maintain adequate hydration so that you can glow, not flake.

The Best In The Region

Being Coeur d’Alene’s premier boutique med spa, we’re able to offer exclusive treatments that can’t be done at home or in other salon environments.  Our certified, medically trained experts can offer Lumenis treatments.  Our Lumenis Smooth Glo Laser is one of the best ways to get advanced skincare treatment without invasive surgical methods.  Be sure to ask about this regenerative treatment at your winter skincare consultation.

Invest in the Right Products

If you find that your skin is drier or more irritated during the winter months, you need to invest in products that promote skin hydration and skin health. Professional-grade skincare lines like ZO Skin Health, Lilfox, and Saint Jane have all of the nutrient-rich products that you need to improve your skin from the comfort of your own home.

If you need help designing your winter skincare routine, we can help! Our experts can recommend the right treatments to help you maintain beautiful skin regardless of the season. Contact us today at Lakeside Medspa and IV Lounge in Coeur d’Alene, ID, to schedule a consultation with a skincare expert who can help you design a treatment plan that will improve your complexion.