The Gift of Glow

The leaves are changing, the days are shorter, the snow is coming, and gifting season is looming. If you’re like us, your already shorter days tend to fill up fast when you’re juggling work and family and friends and parties and finding gifts that are both thoughtful and useful. We’re committed to streamlining the gifting process so you can spend more time doing cozy things with loved ones. Full disclosure: we’re also committed to spreading the gift of glow as far as possible.

There are a couple of ways you can give the gift of glow this season; we’ve compiled a list of products that are beneficial to most skin types and a list of services that are both helpful and luxurious. 

Products that are Beneficial to Most Skin Types:

Products make perfect stocking stuffers, token gifts, or add-ons for both the skin enthusia

sts and novices in your life. Below are our top picks for Christmas 2021. All are generally useful for most skin types and can be added to any skincare routine with very little chance of poor reaction. 

  • Self Care Therapy Healing Skin Body Scrub
    • This locally-made scrub provides the gift of glow ALL OVER. It contains exfoliating salts, CBD, thyme, and coconut oil. We love to use it as a scrub and as a bath soak. 
  • LilFox Acid Glow
    • Reveal your best glow in just 5 minutes with this formula containing glycolic, lactic, citric, tartaric, salicylic, and hyaluronic acids. 
    • Niacinamide brightens the skin, and malachite extract provides antioxidant protection while warding off negative energy. It makes the perfect start to any morning skin routine.
  • LilFox Marshmallow Poof
    • This luxurious crema provides powerful moisture and aging support by harnessing the power of shitake, marshmallow, and five potent peptides to smooth the skin, relax it, target wrinkles, and stimulate collagen production. 
  • LilFox Dewy Bean Dream

Services that are Both Helpful and Luxurious:

Certificates for services are an awesome way to treat those people who have everything or those people who would never spend money on such a luxury on their own. We collected a list of services that are both luxurious and helpful to all skin types..

  • SmoothGlo Facial
    • Our newest facial allows you to give the gift of glow by combating sun damage and aging. We start with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and finish with Radio Frequency Microneedling using a heated, solid needle that is shorter (per new legislation). Even the busiest person in your life has time for this lunchtime procedure; it takes about an hour, is almost painless, and requires little/no downtime.
  • LilFox Gua Sha Facial
    • With this facial, you can give the gift of glow with plenty of luxury. The natural, plant-based, bio
    • available LILFOX products are the perfect compliment to the Gua Sha technique to relax and decrease congestion and puffiness.
  • MicroNeedling
    • This powerhouse procedure addresses wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, uneven skin, acne, fine lines, and oversized pores. It is the perfect way to give the gift of glow to loved ones of all ages and skin types. 
  • IV Nutrition Therapy
    • Give the gift of glow from the inside! We believe that healthy skin, a sharp mind, peak performance, and longevity require a look at the bigger picture. One of our wide range of  IV treatments makes the perfect gift for the athlete, the busy professional, and the skin-enthusiast alike.

As the days shorten, the snow starts following, and the gifting list grows, keep this list and Lakeside Medspa in mind. We’re committed to shortening your list, to keeping you glowing, and to helping you give the gift of glow!