The O Shot

We’ve normalized botox and fillers for both men and women. We’ve normalized extensions and emojis in emails. We’ve redefined what it means to be “professional” and “strong” and “beautiful.” We’ve taken control of our narratives; let’s take control of our health and pleasure as well. It’s not difficult to do, and it doesn’t have to be taboo. Let’s talk orgasms, incontinence, and the O Shot.



The O Shot, also known as the Orgasm shot, uses injections of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to increase sexual satisfaction and remedy bladder leakage for females. PRP is also used in recovery by athletes and in other beauty procedures such as microneedling



The most common benefits are:

  • more overall sexual satisfaction
  • increased sexual desire 
  • improved lubrication
  • tighter vaginal opening
  • heightened orgasm


The O Shot also addresses:

  • bladder leakage
  • lichens planus 
  • lichens sclerosus
  • chronic pain from childbirth



We begin by drawing blood and isolating your Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). PRP contains growth factor that helps you heal yourself. We then inject PRP into the clitorus, labia, and/or G-spot. 

The O Shot takes only about 30 minutes and is fairly painless, as we use both numbing cream and local anesthetic. 



There is not a long recovery after the O Shot. You may even engage in sexual intercourse the same day as the procedure. At most, you may experience some soreness at the injection sites for a couple of days. 

The timing of results varies from person-to-person. Some see improvement immediately after receiving the O Shot, but the growth factor generally takes 2 weeks to engage, with full benefits manifesting in 3-4 months. Benefits last 12-18 months. 



Now that we’ve ripped off the bandaid, challenged taboos, and started the conversation, we hope you’ll find it less daunting to reach out and start your journey to an improved sex life and all-over health! Contact us to set up your consultation and see if the O Shot is for you.