Do You Even Retinol?

Retinol has become more than skincare’s newest buzzword. It’s lauded as a near-miracle product and has secured a spot in the hearts and daily routines of skincare enthusiasts, estheticians, and influencers alike. If you’ve been forced to leave an awkward pause in response to the question “you use Retinol, don’t you?” then you know that you may have missed the boat and that this question is the skincare world equivalent to “bro, do you even lift?”

We have compiled this mini guide so you can find the right one for you, avoid shock and blank stares, use Retinol with confidence, and even start asking your own version of “do you even Retinol?”

What is it?

Retinol is a form of Vitamin A and is used topically in creams, liquid serums, gels, and emollients. 

 Because it has the unique ability to penetrate both the stratum corneum and dermis, Retinol is able to promote cell turnover and slow the breakdown of collagen more aggressively than other topical products and procedures. For these reasons, it is effective in fighting both acne and the signs of aging, improving skin overall, minimizing scars and pores, and protecting the skin.

It is commonly recommended that Retinol be used daily starting in the mid-twenties. 

What is the Purpose?

  • Fight Acne

Retinol reduces inflammation by blocking molecules that cause inflammation and prevents clogged pores that cause blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, cysts. Chemical peels may aid in this work. 

  • Reduce Signs of Aging

Faster cell turnover and preservation of collagen help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Additionally, retinol reduces the amount of moisture that evaporates from skin, improving appearance and fullness. The SmoothGlo Facial is  a great partner in the fight against aging. 

  • Improve Skin’s Overall Appearance

Retinol also positively impacts skin’s overall appearance by brightening it and improving skin’s tone and texture.

  • Protect Skin

Because Retinol can strengthen and thicken the epidermis, it helps to develop greater protection from all of the elements.  

  • Minimize Scars and Pores

Regular use of Retinol gives the skin all of the tools it needs to heal itself and minimizes the appearance of scars and pores. Used in conjunction with regular microneedling, you’ll see amazing results!

Side Effects

It is common and should be expected that you may experience the following side effects when you first incorporate Retinol into your skincare routine. 

  • Dryness
  • Redness
  • Tightness
  • Redness
  • Peeling

The adjustment period (usually about 2 weeks) is known as the retinization period and doesn’t mean that you should discontinue use of Retinol; rather, it is often a sign of its effectiveness. 


What are the Options?

Retinol can be obtained over-the-counter in doses up to 2% or by prescription for stronger doses. Stronger doses are advantageous for more acute issues but may also cause stronger side effects.

We recommend that you always consult a professional when choosing the form and strength you start with.

And for our plant-based folks, there is even a retinol for you! The LilFox Dewy Bean Dream is a natural retinol alternative that provides all of the benefits with less sensitivity. This product is a staple in Rachel’s night time skin routine

Our team would love to sit down with you to discuss how Retinol may help you reach your goals and which one is best for you. Prescription strength versions do require a trip to the dermatologist, but we can help you navigate the process and determine if that is necessary.