Product Spotlight: Self Care Therapy Healing Skin Body Scrub

If you’re among the growing crowd of careful skincare label readers, the Self Care Therapy  Healing Skin Body Scrub will put you at ease. Not only is it made with minimal high quality ingredients (exfoliating salts, CBD, thyme, and coconut oil), but this wonder product serves dual purposes as both a scrub and as a bath soak. It is a godsend for those seeking relaxation or pain relief. Local medical massage therapist, Kirsten Fritz, creates these products right here in Coeur d’Alene.

In hopes of helping you all to connect with this product, understand its insane value, and determine if it’s right for you, we sat down with the creator herself and asked her a few questions. It turns out that she is as impressive and dynamic as her product. Check it out!

Can you share a bit about yourself?

“I’m self-employed, and I run a therapeutic body work practice. I learned to massage overseas in Portugal, but I went to school at the East West College of Healing Arts in Portland. Then, I interned under Gail McDonald at Oregon Health and Sciences University for oncology massage and worked at the university in the transfusion clinic. I spent 4 weeks training to perform lymphatic drainage massage. I am certified in the Vodder Lymph technique. I spent 6 months shadowing a body worker with contracts with Portland sports teams. My practice is trauma-informed, and I am going back to school for clinical social work because I want to focus on medical trauma.”

What inspired you to create your Body Scrub/Soak?

“I wanted to create products that relieve pain, promote relaxation, and support long-term care.”

What sets your Body Scrub apart?

“My products have minimal ingredients and can be used for soaking or the shower. I don’t see many products with cbd that aren’t overly expensive, provide a good amount of the actual product, and can be used in different ways (like in a shower which is ideal since your pores open with heat).”

Can you share about your ingredients and sourcing?

“I source CBD flower from Oregon and make my own oil from it. I then infuse it with thyme. I combine that with 2 different types of salt in coconut oil.”

What does the future look like for your scrub/soak and your practice?

“I’m going to be making these for years! I’m starting graduate school soon, but I’m not going to stop!  I’ve been approached to sell or expand, but for now, I’m happy creating it on my own.

Combining wellness practices with therapy is a dream of mine so therapy doesn’t come off so secluded. I really believe in holistic practices.”


Because our goal is to help you all to sustainably look and feel your best, we are incredibly proud to offer the Self Care Therapy Healing Skin Body Scrub at Lakeside Medspa. It is locally-made with only the highest quality ingredients. If you try a jar, it’ll quickly become a non-negotiable part of your health and wellness routine. 

Contact us to learn more and to see if this dynamic scrub/soak is right for you!

xoxo Rachel and Ryan

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