How to Optimize the Effects of the SmoothGlo Facial

You are committed to investing in yourself and your skin. You’ve done the research, chosen the SmoothGlo (a cutting-edge, multi-purpose treatment), and found a friendly, talented, experienced medspa to do it (like Lakeside Medspa, of course). You’re no slouch. You know what you want and how to get it. You will have younger, healthier, glowing, skin in no time. In order to get you there and make the most of your investment, we’ve compiled some guidelines to optimize the effects of the SmoothGlo Facial

Engage the Full Treatment Process

Although you will see huge changes after just one treatment, we recommend three-four treatments with one-month rest periods between for full results (think walking around with a filter).  You will need only one-two treatments annually to maintain those results and optimize the effects of the SmoothGlo.


No preparation is required for this procedure, but to optimize the effects of your SmoothGlo Facial, avoid sun exposure (natural or in an indoor bed), sunless tanning, and retinol products for two weeks before the procedure. On that note, it is best to schedule your SmoothGlo facials during colder months when your skin is its base color.

Post Treatment Care

The SmoothGlo falls into the category of a lunchtime procedure, as it requires almost no downtime. You may experience minimal redness and “peppering.” Peppering refers to tiny freckles all over that indicate where any sun damage is being healed. You may notice your skin is a bit more dry as it heals, and you may experience some minor peeling. Despite these things, you should feel comfortable returning to work or regularly scheduled activities (as long as your skin stays clean, dry, and protected from the sun). Some clients have reported that friends and family didn’t even notice they had a procedure that day!

The SmoothGlo won’t slow down your work life or social life, but to optimize the effects of the SmoothGlo Facial, we recommend some precautions. Because your skin will be sensitive, we recommend that you avoid sweating and hold off on all makeup and skincare for about 24 hours. You can rinse your face with water or a very mild cleanser and use moisturizer at night and resume gentle skincare and your favorite sweaty activities the next day. 

It is imperative to protect your fresh skin. Even small things can help the healing process: touch your face minimally if at all, wash your sheets and pillow cases, use moisturizer, and keep hair away from your face.

Avoid sun exposure for two weeks following each procedure. Also, refrain from using tanning beds, sunless tanning of any kind, and retinol products after each procedure.

To really capitalize on the effects of your SmoothGlo Facial, combine it with Sculptra injections and a consistent skincare routine for that all-year, every year, ageless glow. 


We would love to share more information and help you determine if the SmoothGlo Facial is the right procedureto help you meet your skincare goals. Schedule your free consultation today!

xoxo Rachel and Ryan