How to Choose an Injector

Finding the right injector is like finding that perfect fit in a pair of jeans, finding the therapist who both challenges you and makes you feel comfortable, finding a doctor with whom you are aligned, or finding a friend who makes you a better person. It’s an extremely important and individual process. 

Face it (see what we did there ;)). The procedures we injectors perform can be high stakes. You don’t want just anyone injecting unidentified substances into your body or altering the shape of your face. We believe the quest for the right injector for you should not be taken lightly. To that end, we’ve compiled our top 6 qualities to look for in an injector

#1 Medical Background

It is absolutely vital that your injector have a medical background to ensure your safety. Injections are medical procedures, not merely aesthetic treatments. The person injecting you should have a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology in order to minimize risk and avoid major health complications. 

#2 Full-Time Injector

We recommend that you look for an injector who devotes their full attention to injectables. It is easy to find individuals who offer injectables as a side hustle. However, it is best to find someone who has a wide range and high volume of experience and is up to date on the latest and best techniques.

#3 Artistic Eye

Here at Lakeside Medspa, we are proud that we take an individual and artistic approach to each treatment. Instead of injecting everyone with the same techniques, we assess each person’s facial structure, goals, and preferences before injecting. 

#4 Collaborative

It is also of utmost importance that you find an injector who is collaborative in two ways. First, an ideal injector who will collaborate with you, the client, to determine your preferences and goals before determining a treatment plan. An ideal injector will also collaborate with their team and other injectors to ensure they stay up to date and have resources to seek a second opinion when necessary. 

#5 Looks “Normal”

You can usually tell an injector’s style by their appearance. If they don’t look fake or overdone, it is likely that they won’t leave you looking fake or overdone. During your consultation, pay attention to your injector’s appearance and the level of movement in their face.

#6 Not Afraid to Say “No”

A quality injector will have the strength of character to tell clients “no” if it is not in their best interest to be injected. Injectors who truly care will put the client above an opportunity for profit.


We encourage you to contact us to schedule a free consultation at Lakeside Medspa and to save this list to use as you decide whether we are the right injectors for you!

xoxo Rachel and Ryan

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