DermaSweep Oily Skin



Balanced. Buffed. Bright.

Oily skin is hard to control as a result of genetically determined hormonal changes in our body, which are difficult to manage.  Hormones stimulate healthy oil production and while oil production has a benefit to our skin, it can cause problems when too much oil is produced.  Too much oil production increases pore size and causes the pore lining to thicken, increasing the likelihood of blackheads, white bumps, and pustules.

DermaSweep treatments remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells allowing for better and more even delivery of proprietary SkinFusions to control the negative effects of excess oil productions, without drying our skin.  The result is a bright, balanced, more beautiful you!

Indications: oily, sebaceous, large pores, overproductions of sebum, shiny, greasy looking skin.