DermaSweep Hands + Arms



Brighter. Lighter. Tighter.

Are your hands beginning to look like your mother’s? Pigmentation, brown spots or age spots, is the most common sign of aging hands. Pigment and crepiness show up sooner on areas that haven’t been shielded from the sun or routinely protected with sunscreen. The skin on the hands – and arms – is thinner, fragile and more susceptible to visible signs of aging because of exposure to the elements of everyday life.  It’s important to take care of our hands and arms like we do our faces, and this includes using sunscreen daily.

DermaSweep’s 3-in1 exclusive treatment can help! By combining our unique bristle tip powered exfoliation, oxygen driven circulation along with a specific SkinFusion for brightening and renewing. The outcome is a brighter, lighter, more beautiful you!

Indications: discoloration, brown patches, dark spots, pigmentation, age spots, crepiness.


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