DermaSweep Eye Area



Improve. Illuminate. Invigorate.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul; they are also the windows to the signs of aging.  When we speak about being concerned by the first signs of aging, the eye area is usually one of the first areas we see. Why? Fine lines, lack of sparkle, and tired-looking eyes are the real markers of aging.  Also, laxity in the eye area can add to puffiness and dark under eye bags.

What are your options when treating the eye area? There aren’t many, but DermaSweep is one of them!  DermaSweep is the only system gentle enough to use in the delicate eye area, making it the perfect treatment.  The outcome is an improved, illuminated, more beautiful you!

Indications: fine lines, laxity, dark circles, droopy lids, crepiness, puffiness.