DermaSweep Tone + Textures



Refine. Repair. Renew.

Even skin tone and a smooth texture are two important qualities of skin health.   Skin tone is determined by the amount of melanin or pigment we have.  Skin blotches, pigmentation, dark patches, and age spots are all conditions where pigment is unevenly distributed, giving our skin dull, splotchy, uneven tone.  Good skin tone is bright and luminous. Skin texture refers to our skin’s surface condition.  Good skin texture is even, smooth, and supple.  Uneven texture is rough, dry, and has visible photodamage.

Skin tone and texture can be quickly and dramatically improved with DermaSweep. The exclusive 3-in-1 system, combines bristle tip powered exfoliation, oxygen driven circulation along with a specific SkinFusion for luminous, smooth, supple, even-toned skin we all desire! The outcome is a blank, blank, more beautiful you!

Indications: uneven tone, uneven texture, roughness, coarse, blotchy, redness, ruddy, sallow.